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Licensed Customs 77G Depot,Licensed Customs Brokerage, Licensed Quarantine Depot ( class 1.3)
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Welcome to Success Logistics Australia Pty Ltd.    Language:Engligh / chinese

Licensed Customs Broker , Quarantine & 77G Depot

Success Logistics Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian Company, proud to be Licensed Customs Brokerage (1841C), Licensed Customs 77G Depot (16888B), and Licensed Quarantine ( Class 1.3,V1948) depot. Our core business is international freight forwarding and Customs Clearance services.

Located in Melbourne , We are handling air freight , sea freight, local transport by sea, by rail and by road, throughout whole Australia.

Success Logistics is has good reputation within importer's industry for its professional Customs and Quarantine clearance service. Our Customs Broker can speak English, Chinese, which is unique in the industry.

Success Logistics also has its own quarantine depot, can handle lots of quarantine risk goods. Accredited quarantine broker in Success Logistics can offer unique services.

Success Logistics also offer warehouse service to clients from its own depot.

Success Logistics has good transport team, and our cartage company work 24hour, 7 days, for the sea cargo and air cargo. Our Customs Broker work 7 days as well, making sure all air freight and sea freight are cleared and delivered on time.

Success Logistics has a great experience in handling railway transport. National transport by rail or by road is our advantage.

We are licensed Customs Brokerage in Australia, and handling all shipments into every port in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Fremantle. We are even licensed Quarantine (quarantine) depot, handling quarantine inspection within our own company.